Place of Execution
Vergabeplattform Bayern
Name3.091 Ausbau Raumschießanlage
Tender ProceduresOffenes Verfahren
Place of Execution83404 Ainring
Execution Timeframe06.01.2020 until 29.05.2020
Application PeriodAug 14, 2019 until Sep 17, 2019
Expiration timeSep 17, 2019 9:00 AM
Award periodNov 16, 2019
Bidders requestsSep 11, 2019 9:00 AM
Subdivision into lotsNo
Side-offers allowedNo
Several main offers allowedNo
CPV Codes45210000-2
Delivery formelektronisch in Textform
Brief Description
There is no further information avaiable.
Number03014 E 0002
NameBPFI Ainring
Contracting Authority
NameStaatliches Bauamt Traunstein
AddressRosenheimer Straße 7
83278 Traunstein